Our firm, PARILTI TRİKO TEKSTİL, which took big steps on the way of branding by gaining the admiration of its customers and fashion lovers in lady’s wear it has been producing within its own body as of 1998 which is its establishment year, has succeeded to enter the indispensables of self-confident women as well while becoming a life style of working women by merging current trends with season’s colors and patterns in each of its new collection with its creative design team. 

Reaching its customers with its countless sale points throughout Turkey, the future marketing aim of our firm is to open its own stores within the world market and turn its names of Parıltı Triko and Shine Collection into international brands. 

While 60% of our products are sold domestically, the remaining 40% is exported particularly to Arabian countries, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, and Iraq, then to Middle East and European countries such as France, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Yugoslavia, Russia, Nigeria and also TRNC. 
In the export and wholesale selling throughout Turkeymade by us, we also give place to demands for special orderwhich are prepared carefully in line with the request of the customer other than our own collection.